Saturday, November 20, 2010

Friday Recap

This IS a post which is completely opinionated and might not interest all of you... but then, I had to rant so...

This has been one of those days where you'd pray you'd get a chance to breath.... it has been a really really busy day and it doesn't even feel like Friday... I was working under the belief that today's Thursday until Prince Charming pointed out to me that it's Friday already... and I was gleeful...coz according to my crazed brain, that meant that I had skipped a day of office (though technically, that wasn't the case..but then...who am I to argue!)

So then, I did a skip and a hop and walked into office looking forward to a lazy Friday... could I be any more wrong... it was a really busy day, but then I did manage to squeeze in some time to check out the Blog world...

Today, I thought I'd do a post on things that made me go 'yayy' and 'WTF' alternatively...

The 'Yayy' s

1. Guess who's going for ...

Me, me, me of course..... I'm quite excited about it and haven't been able to shut up about it all day... yeah, you guessed it right... it has been a tough day for my colleagues...

2. I had a nice chat with my friends at work...I was down in the dumps about something but then these amazing people have a way of making me laugh and get the frown off my face in no time at all...

3. A nice chat with my sister. Knowing that she's happy and having fun makes me happy.

Now to the 'WTF's

1. The only thing I seem to be hearing about since the last two days is Big Boss (The Indian version of Big Brother) and how Pamela Anderson has come into the house. I do not follow the show and have no inclination to do so... but then, all the news channels seem to be having a field day coz of 'Pam Effect'!!! I am fine with the show, and with the participants of the show..and with the people who follow the show... but give me a break!!! I'm not interested in being thrust in the face with continuous replay of  irritating brawls, pointless flings and a very provocatively dressed Pamela Anderson from the show the minute I switch on my TV.

2. A particular colleague who seems to have discovered that the game of sulking can be very entertaining and has been at it since last week. I know that this is the way he chooses to respond to a certain feedback that was given. I am reaching the end of my patience reserves when I see that 'I've lost it all look' and have to try very hard not to give him a smack on the head for being so childish.

3. The technological problems we faced at work. Well, no one's to blame here...just that it got the work delayed by a couple of hours and an otherwise relaxed day turned into a frantic one.

But then, all's well that ends well, right? So yeah, the day ended on a good note and yeah, I've got a weekend, a movie and a book waiting for me.....!!!


  1. Enjoy the Harry Potter and let us know how it was!

  2. I love when you think it's Thursday but in reality it's Friday. Have fun at Harry Potter. I heard some people are going in costume to see it, LOL

  3. @Anichols and Sandy: Thank you.....I'm looking forward to it...:)


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