Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Fifty Reasons to Live, Love and Laugh

This post is an important one for the Princess of Procrastination, a.k.a me. Having tried and failed at blogging multiple times, creating and maintaining this blog has been a challenge, to say the least. It's a miracle that has been achieved with the help of Stats Button, the wonderful people who have taken time to comment on my posts, and the even better lot who decided to follow my blog... (No clue why they decided to bring it upon themselves, but anyways...)

I wanted to make this post a special one....50th one and all...and so decided to write about the three blessings we have been bestowed with...Life, Love and Laugh....I'm writing about 50 things that remind us of these blessings, in their own little ways... I don't know how far this is going to be successful but here goes...

1. Waking up early morning and being able to see the sunrise.
2. Playing with squirt guns and running around like crazy.
3. Being able to meet up with your family or call them, or at least keep in touch with them regularly over web.
4. Being able to hold a baby in your hands and see her or him smile at you.
5. Gazing at sky at night, and be able to see a sky strewn with stars.
6. The smell of first rain after summer.
7. Being able to walk bare foot on beach.
8.  Watching a movie and laughing till your stomach hurts.
9. Playing on a swing set.
10. Playing with water, letting it flow through the fingers and feeling the coolness.
11. Flying a kite.
12. Talking to a three year old and being able to answer all of his or her questions.
13. Finding an old diary and reading through the entries.
14. Watching a movie you had watched as a kid and realize that you enjoy it as much still.
15. Reminiscing about the first kiss of yours.
16. Meeting an old friend out of the blue and talking and catching up on what's happening.
17. Being able to crack a puzzle you have been working on for a long time.
18. Getting a surprise and enjoying it, however small or big it is.
19. The smell of books, both old and new.
20. Getting into a tickle fight and laughing till your eyes well up with tears.
21. Walking hand in hand with your special someone in comfortable silence.
22. Sleeping in, wrapped up cosily, on a winter morning, without worrying about something that needs to be done or missing an appointment you have.
23. Walking on a green trail and finding different types of flowers and trees, and admiring every one of them.
24. Smell of vanilla, lavender and passion fruit.
25. Tasting a freshly made dish, straight out of the pan.
26. The smell of your mother's cooking as soon as you step inside your home.
27. Sleeping and waking up with your loved one.
28. The wet and sloppy licks your dog gives you when you've come back home after a long day.
29. A bear hug from a friend, especially on a tough day.
30. Being able to cross out an item from your bucket list as Achieved.
31. Making something of your own, however small it is.
32. Being able to make some one's day special doing one of those small things...maybe making them smile, giving them a hug or just giving them a compliment.
33. Giving and receiving compliments gracefully.
34. Talking, joking and spending quality time with friends.
35. Excitement of going on a trip.
36. Watching a baby sleep, and see her or him smiling in sleep.
37. Meeting your grandparents and getting to be a kid around them again.
38. Being able to tell your parents "I'll take care of it" and be able to follow through your promise.
39. Making friends with kids you meet at parks, shopping malls, trains....and any other place. 
40. Enjoying a quiet day at home with your favorite songs and a new book.
41. Relishing the first bite of something you have been craving to eat since a long time.
42. Remembering a joke and smiling/laughing later.
43. Missing the special someone when he or she is not around, however short they have been gone for.
44. Buying something new and waiting to go back home and try it on.
45. Seeing a rainbow after a hours of rain and gloom.
46. Reading a book and laughing out loud while on a bus or train. The amused looks and smiles that comes after that as well.
47. Knowing that you are surrounded by family and friends who will stand by you when you're going through tough times.
48. Calling Mom and Dad only to hear their voices when the day has been exceptionally hard.
49. Dancing through your favorite set of songs without worrying about who's watching and who's not.
50. Getting appreciation for something well done....and when someone says that they know they can trust you.

This is not a comprehensive list, neither will it be because these are the random fifty things that came into my mind....I know that you have your own list of things that make you feel happy for being around... You are welcome to add on to the list...or write your own list...I'd love to read what you guys have to say...

Once again, thank you for taking the time to go through this blog and bearing with its quirky owner...and thanks for all the comments, support and friendship shared.... Love ya all.



  1. You wondered- in this post- why people chose to follow you. For me, it is posts like this one. I admire your viewpoints. You so very often remind me to get out of my funk (today is a particularly dismal, funky day)and to just stop and be appreciative of the bounty of goodness that surrounds me. Thank you for that :-)And, Happy 50th!

  2. This is a lovely list. And congrast on the 50th post! :-D

    -Barb the French Bean

  3. This made me smile! Funny I've had the phrase Llive, Love Laugh in my head all day, I saw it on some fancy cards and I was thinking about using it on our wedding invitations - its sums up our take on life quite nicely. Happy 50th!

  4. Congrats about your 50th blog post. I'm glad you haven't give up this blog because I really like reading your posts. I can't find and apparent because you write about such a different topics that there is only one possible reason for me sticking around - you're interesting and a good writer. So just keep on posting!

  5. Awesome....this was a great list....
    awesome to be following you....

  6. Thanks everyone....it's been a pleasure to be a part of the blogging community... :)

  7. aww this is just a sweet post..
    i'd like to post my favorites in the list but doing so would make me post everything here!
    #48. Calling Mom and Dad only to hear their voices when the day has been exceptionally hard-- this made me teary eyed though, coz it's so true.. parents make you strong. :)

  8. @Maria: So true...your parents' presence, even if its just their voice can be so calming at times...

  9. I love the part when you are saying about no 35: Excitement of going on a trip. To be honest, I truly love that kind of feeling.


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