Friday, November 26, 2010

Disturbing Thought

This is not a happy post...I don't think there's anything happy that's discussed here...if you are going to read it, please do so at your own risk...

Dear God,

I heard a really disturbing piece of news a few days ago…something that left me worried and upset…I heard about a girl’s attempt to get away from home to avoid sexual advances from her father…

For someone who comes a from a very protective family, and having a father who cannot bear us going through the smallest of pains, this news was something that left me angry and worried, mostly worried, about the girl, and any other girl, who had to face this threat from within her own home, her refuge, the one place she’s supposed to feel safe at.

What I don’t get is, how can someone who’s a father, a brother, an uncle or a cousin, can even think of doing such a thing as subjecting these girls to so much pain…I don’t believe this is something that can be blamed on any chemical combustion happening in the brains of these people and shelved titled as ‘mental instability’ or ‘mentally deranged’...I firmly believe these acts of injustice comes from the belief that these abuses will never really get out in the open…why? Because the victims would never dare to speak up… and why is that….because they’d be ostracized…blamed, told that they had brought it upon themselves…really, I mean, really?

Today, I watched this video which showed Dr. Sunitha Krishnan speak about sexual slavery...and about child abuse…

The talk was not just thought provoking and moving... it hit a chord somewhere inside me . This video left me tearful and I was left wondering if I was doing anything for the society…or was just happy belonging to this little world of mine.

As I finished watching the video, I could only imagine all the fear, pain and embarrassment every one of those girls must have gone through…these girls had been subjected to rapes, pushed into brothels and used as sex toys by men who thought nothing of it…I don’t even know whether they’d ever get over the shock they would have gone through.

I remember hearing someone I know comment that “she must have provoked him in some way” in response to news about a lady who had filed a sexual harassment case against someone prominent in the society…really…how provocatively would  a three year old or four year old have dressed to have gone through this cruelty called gang rape. How provocatively would any thirteen year old going to school be dressed to be faced by a flasher who thinks he can get away with his means of perverted entertainment….how provocatively would a middle aged woman hurrying to work have dressed to be groped indecently in a crowded bus or train….

And why is it that we find it easier to blame the victim than having the guts to stand up for them… there was a particular sex scandal that had done the rounds a few years back, where a seventeen year old girl was lured from her home under false promises of being cast in movies….The girl had been used sexually by scores of men and admitted in hospital in critical condition by the time media attention was garnered ….

There was much discussion on the topic…debates and hour long discussions…the media celebrated the latest bit of juicy news they had chanced upon…no one said anything publicly, but the murmurs off line…the girl deserved what she got!

Why?, you may ask…well, she was foolish enough to believe that someone would help her dream come true…And perhaps, it was easier to blame her. It’s always the victim’s mistake….who asked them to be too ambitious…who asked them to be there at the wrong place at the wrong time…heck, if the society had a chance to ask the question; who asked them to be alive at all… right? Precisely…!

And all of us, safe and secure, sitting warmly in our homes and making these comments do not realize that we aren’t any better than these animals….we judge, we ostracize, we ignore, we ridicule. And we move on…but here’s something to ponder on…what if…what if this happened to one of us…or one of our dear ones…would we still be as unaffected as we are now…or would we choose to react…or would we, once again, choose to further judge and condemn and cast away the victim and continue sitting on our thrones of self righteousness…. Think about it…

And as to those people, the high and mighty who got away with it all, the faceless strangers who must be voicelessly laughing and celebrating over having gotten away so easily…no jail and no noose would be enough…in my opinion…castrate them….castrate them and leave them to repent for the rest of their lives…and I hope at least that would teach them what it means to go through pain, and suffer like those they chose to torture, torment and snigger at…

A very upset someone


  1. I couldn't watch the video, it was a bit too much for me... I can't listen to stories how little children were abused...
    I don't understand how anyone could say that a rape victim provoked someone to rape her/him. Does that mean that I can't go out in a sexy dress because if I do, I deserve to be raped because I'm provoking?!?! What kind of logic is this? Even though someone is provoking he/she doesn't deserve to be raped and there is no excuse for such a thing!

  2. this is indeed a disturbing and deeply moving post.. it makes me think about the victims and horror they've been through.. you're right, we could be the victim next time and it's going to be hell. the point here is to put ourselves in the victim's shoes so we don't go on judging and blaming her. she needs all the emotional and psychological support we could offer..yea those a-holes should be castrated!!

  3. @Starlight and Maria: I agree... it was very disturbing, and my hope is at least a few of us would think logically and decide to support the victims...

  4. Sunita Krishnan has a blog too.. I found it very inspirational.

  5. disturbing news is always a blindspot...something to be pushed under the rug and forgotten. u r strong that is why u saw this and decided to write about it. u have already taken the first step...of becoming aware and alarming others.


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