Tuesday, November 9, 2010

10 Things To Do Before You Say Bye

The title of the post was inspired by a show I was watching on TV yesterday... . I graciously borrowed the title of the show (alright, alright...I shamelessly pinched it!).  It shares the same title as my blog and was a show about the fantastic things you should do while you're still alive and kicking.

 Since, I had already written a post on Ten random facts about me, I thought that I will write another one about Ten random things I wanted to do before I said Ba Bye.

So then, here I go:

1. I want to go to Venice. Some day, some how...I want to go to Venice. I would like to travel all around the world, but even if I don't make it to any other place on the face of Earth, I want to go to Venice. It has been on my Bucket List ever since I read about the place somewhere... the description of the city sounded and still sounds quite romantic to me...and well, Italian food and Italian guys would definitely provide for gastronomic and visual pleasure as well.

2. I want to learn to speak French.  I had tried choosing French as one of the subjects for language studies while in school but got thoroughly confused with the grammar part of it and dropped the subject after a year...I regret!I look at the language as the puzzle that got away before I could crack it and that fact makes it look even more attractive and challenging.

 3. I want to try at least one adventure sport. I would like to try either  rock climbing or para gliding...why? Maybe because I am under the absolute misconception that there's a daredevil hidden somewhere inside me... (yeah right...remember to tell me that when there's a power failure at night!!!) I think that it looks like it might be fun...if you consider dangling from a piece of rock or a piece of cloth wing , your face contorted in horror because you made the grave mistake of looking down, a fun thing. To add to the entertainment, you can yell, cry and swear alternatively...or all in a single breath....and to think that adrenaline rush is the only fun part of it...!

4. I want to have a business of my own.I want to be a creative and socially responsible entrepreneur (Lots of big words stringed together.) I want to own something that I can call my own...and THAT comes from someone who couldn't manage to own a plant without watering it to its death.

5. I  want to have read through the religious texts of all religions once at least. It's no easy task,I know, but then I want to find out if the essence of all these writings point in the same direction...which is... Be Good, Be Kind, and Live and Let Live.

6. I want to be able to cook without inflicting bodily harm or injury on self (while cooking) and on others (when they decide to eat what I cooked.) 

I also want to be a candy maker. On second thoughts, I think I want to be more of a candy maker....or maybe, I want to be the candy maker who makes the spicy stuff...or maybe, I want to be the non-candy maker who makes sweet, gooey stuff....who am I kiddin, Dear God, I just want to be someone who can cook without it being declared a calamity.

7. I want to be a published author some day. Whether my book would garner any readership is something I have my own doubts about, but I want at least one book published. Am I working towards it??? Well....I am of course, when I am not procrastinating that is, which as you must know by now...is almost never.

8. I want to adopt a kid. This is one thing I am fairly sure I will do, even if I am not too sure about the success of everything else mentioned in the post. And this comes from my wish to pass on the love and care I received from my family to this special baby I know I will meet some day.

9. I want to learn how to do the Salsa dance....provided I don't have to wear pointy heels...but if I do, then I think I'd be happy enough to learn how to do tap dance, or play trumpet or act like a tree.

10.  I want go meet my friends on the other side of the globe....I had promised my friend that I'd help her with setting up her business but for that, I need to go meet her, which right now, is more a wishful thinking thanks to my account balance. I know I will meet her some day, and when I do get around to meeting her, I'll also make sure I go meet them as well.... :D

Now that I have started, I am flooded with with stuff I want to do for another 100 years, but then I think I'll save the rest for another day..

In the meanwhile, I'd like to know what are your 10 things  to do before you say Bye...I'd like to come by and read...

So, 'til then...




  1. Great idea for a post. It has set me off daydreaming about things i would love to do.

  2. I couldn't stop once I started...I think I'd be writing another post soon on the same lines.... :)

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