Friday, October 29, 2010

We're The Blackberry Boys !!!

I have a passion for Advertisements....well...watching them, to be more precise...I at times, enjoy the ads that play during the commercial breaks more than the show itself....And ends up fighting for the remote control almost every time I watch TV with my Prince Charming coz he prefers to flick through channels any time there's a commercial break...

I am sharing the video of one of the latest advertisements I enjoyed watching.....I like it for the concept, the cheekiness and the fun look of it.... The music is kinda catchy too.... .I have been humming the song all through the day...I like the look on the Suit guys' faces.... And I think the guy in the blue checked shirt looks cute....sigh!!!

Find the mp3 file over here...

I'm planning to use this as my ring tone though my mobile's no Blackberry...

Did you like it as much as I did???


  1. I love it :) I'm thinking of using it as my ring tone too, it would be funny since I have a Blackberry which I adore :)

  2. That's so cool, Starlight...I am using this as my ring tone now....the only problem now is that I end up listening to the song rather than answer the call every time my phone rings... :)

  3. That's what I do :) No cool ring tones for us ;)

  4. I agree with you, Starlight... :)


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