Friday, October 22, 2010

Vain li'l me

Dear God,

I know that I said this is going to be my space to talk about things I like and dislike, to write down about my escapades and explorations, the space to rant and rave, a space to go all "ooh" and "aah" about something i like, and make yet another one of those sarcastic comments about something I don't like. This, I had told myself, was to be something like a diary  with all my thoughts and ideas penned...umm, scratch that, keyboarded down.... but then, within a week since I started with the blog, I realized that I was getting curious to see if this little blog of mine had mustered any interest from any passing - reader - by.

So then, the thought process in my mind was like " Okay, I don't want any one to read this blog... this is not even a blog...c'mon, I am just discussing about my life over here....."hmm, I wonder if some one read any of it"..SWAT....okay, I don't need any one to read..."It would be nice to a have a few comments"...SWAT...focus, I don't need any one's approval on what's going on in my life...."It would be neat to have followers too...". SWAT...I am telling this one more time, Brain..."How I wish I could write something witty enough that others would luurrrve to read...."! Crazy much!

So then, I finally decided that I had had enough of being this unaffected prude who couldn't care any less if someone read her blog entries or not and started sneaking in to use the blessed button on the top right hand corner that called itself "Stats"..... And ever since then, I have been a staunch supporter, follower and fan of "Stats"..... I hop with happiness when I see that I have had visitors who came by..... Comment or no comment, I had visitors.... one or two, not many, but I had visitors, followers or no followers, I had visitors.... Ha!

So imagine my surprise, and well, my heart's too, when I saw that I had had 18 page views heart did the Yabbadabbadooo thing....! So, right now, I am walking around with my nose in the air, looking as though I had been nominated for the Blogger of the year Award, revelling in the fact that someone cared to read my blog, and being very very vain in general. I pity my Prince Charming for he is going to get hit with my bragging full on....

The Very Vain Blogger
P.S. : To whoever it was who took the time to read my blog......mwuaaaaaah, thank you, thank you, thank you....
A comment would have been nice too you know..., and you can follow me's really really simple...all you need to do is go to the Followers link on the right side of the page...and....ahem, ahem, just being greedy!

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