Sunday, October 17, 2010

Some one I met a bit too late

I started this blog inspired by a blog I read some days ago. To be more specific, I started writing this the day after I read through her blog.The blog belonged to a certain teenager whom I grew to respect as I read through her blog entries. She was all of ninenteen, a girl who had a quirky sense of humor, was sensitive and  creative, idealistic and bold. Her words reverberated with energy and enthusiasm which was infectious...her entries were funny, thought provoking and philosophical in was some one who loved books, rain and was some one who found happiness in the little somethings you came across in every day life, here was someone I regret I did not get to know much much earlier....
and here is the blog that started it all:

Tejaswee Rao was not some one I knew, we were strangers to each other, but every time I read through her blogs, I realize that my eyes are moist with tears when I remember that she is no longer with us. What I would like to believe that she is part of a better world. Rest in peace, Tejaswee, and wherever you are, please know that you were loved by a lot of people, known and unknown to you.

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