Monday, October 11, 2010

Money, Money, Money Honey!

Dear God,

I remember an email conversation I had the other day with one of my teachers from school days. In spite of being an amazing sir who used to inspire us to do our best, he had decided to choose a different career opportunity because, as he said, "money matters at the end of the day".  Now, that's one thing that I agree to wholeheartedly... no offense to all the philosophers who believe that money is nothing but mere bits of paper but then, you need these bits of paper to survive on the face of Earth.
It’s a different matter altogether if all you can think of is hoarding money and you fall into depression at even the thought of parting with a penny from your wealth. I know someone like that, and all I can say is, for the love of God, relax…you wouldn’t be able to take any of it with you once you are dead and gone…All you would own would be six feet earth, and even that would not be forever yours. If, on the other hand, you spend your money wisely to help yourself and others around you, your name would survive and be around for some time.
Coming back to the topic at hand, I realize that I am in dire need of money and cannot find an easy solution to that. From experience, I have learned that I tend to relax as soon as I find freelancing project, and as a result, have not completed the projects I have on hand. All I have managed to do is  get my freelance account suspended.
Everyday, I wake up with a new idea to set up a business, but by end of day, my mind would have flitted away to something else that caught my attention during the day.
I do not have any hobby that can be converted into a monetarily beneficial business. All I can do is read…so if someone is looking for a reviewer who can read and comment on your articles, here I am at your service.(Imagine a curtsy with a flourish at this point.)
I am a technologically challenged person who recently discovered a very few keyboard shortcuts to replace mouse and is happy with that. I am not good with coding, programming or designing and since these are the fields in which there seems to be a unsatiable demand for freelancers, I am rejected by default from applying for any of these jobs online.
The next best option is data entry, and I am yet to find a legitimate source of earning through data entry. I am completely convinced that most of the pay to find jobs websites bring money only to the owners of those websites, and having fallen prey to such a scam once, I am the cat who drank the hot milk.
So, end of day, I am sitting here, swatting all those ideas that keep flitting in my head, wondering what'd I do, and dreaming up a million ideas but not working on even one of them, and then finishing up my chores and call it a day, waiting for the next best opportunity to come up..... I wonder how long I'd stay the Princess in the Tower until the Knight in Shining Armour (read Green Bill) comes to save me.... How I wish!

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