Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I have green, green eyes!!!

Dear God,

It' not easy to see some one else living the experiences you wanted to have and be all benevolent and nice about it..Right now, I am feeling really really envious of this couple friends of mine who have put up the pictures of their latest tour online...That's the place I wanted to go, that's the smile I wanted to smile, and that's the picture I wanted to pose for... but then, there's just this minor change... It's not me doing any of it.... it's them!
God, I hate this... I hate the fact that I am missing out on all that fun, and I hate that I have all this negativity in my mind... I want to hope that I would be able to experience all this fun some day, but then I hate it that there's a part of me that sniggers and says "Don't even think about it!".

Oh well, I can almost hear the clamor inside my head when the Angel and the Devil are fighting it out... Time to yell "TIME OUT" and go to bed.... everything looks much much better after a good night's sleep... so sleep it is then...

The Stranded Traveller

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