Friday, August 27, 2010

Embarassing but true

I had promised myself that I would blog every day, at least for a month and broke the promise on the very next day. I tried fishing for excuses ranging from sprained fingers to a hectic day but came up with none, and so shamefully accept that I was plain lazy...
And I hope this confession will force me to take responsibility for my tardiness and remind me what I had set out to do....

Also, a little trivia that I found:
Also, did you know that women buy sexier clothes when they are ovulating... Okay, dont roll your eyes wasnt me, I was the conclusion of a research by University of Minnesotta.
Check out the complete article here:

So does that mean that if I decide to buy a pair of stilletto heels in place of flat sandals (however lean the chances are of THAT  happening), that would mean that I am ovulating? Now that's interesting! :)

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